Sayyidina Salama Hasan Al-Radi

(His mausoleum is in al-Sabtiyya, Wikalat al-Balah)

He is Abu Hamed Salama Hasan al-Radi.  His noble lineage meets with master Abu al-Taqiya whose mausoleum lies in his mosque in Rayda in the town of al-Minya. His grandfather is the pious Hamid al-Raydi whose shrine and mosque are in Minya city. His family came from Hijaz and settled in Rayda. Later, his parents moved to Cairo where they resided in a house next to Sidi Sai’id in Bolaq.

Salama Hasan al-Radi (may Allah be pleased with him) was born in 1284 AH. His lineage goes up to the master of mankind, Prophet Mohammedﷺ. Since his early working days, he pursued lawful earnings. And because his heart yearned to attain a high station with Allah, Allah granted him the inspirations endowed upon gnostics and led him to become one of the pious who have attained perfect knowledge of and proximity to Allah. He also became a Sufi master.

Sidi Salama pursued the same path of Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhli (may Allah be pleased with him) and restored to it its former repute and sanctity.

Many people benefited from his guidance and became affectionate fellow brothers united by a path with strong principles and structure based on:

Being mindful of Allah, both secretly and publicly, following the Prophet’sﷺ sunna with respect to words and actions, isolation with respect to iqbal (assession) and idbar (retrogression), being contended with the will of Allah at times of abundance and need, and turning to Him during both good and hard times.

Salama Hasan al-Radi (may Allah be pleased with him) left behind diverse and extensive writings comprising beneficial knowledge.

He died in 1357 AH.