Sayyidina Bishr

Location: Sidi Bishr al-Shaykh

He is Bishr bin al-Husayn from the family of Bishr al-Jawhary who had a special place in directing and guiding his family to the straight path.

He (may God be pleased with him) travelled on foot to Alexandria from Morocco in the beginning of the 6th century AH. It is mentioned in his biography that when he set out for Alexandria his disciples increased. The scholars came to him learning from his knowledge of Hadeeth and jurisprudence. Among the people who attended his sermons was Shaykh al-Silafy whom described Shaykh’s Bishr’s sermons as evocative but nevertheless with strong arguments and eloquent use of Arabic.

He passed (may God be pleased with him) in the year 528 AH and his tomb was erected on a hillock viewing the sea, attracting pilgrims and travelers from all over in such numbers that soon not only a mosque but an entire village was erected on the hill, which until this day carries Bishr’s name.