Sayyidina Al-Farghal

The city of Abu Teej – Asyut

He, Muhammad bin Ahmed who is known as al-Farghal, is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ.

He was born in the village of Bani Sameea, Asyut in the 9th century AH. He was a shepherd who contemplated the divine, prayed in the night and loved the Emissary of God. God flooded him with light and imparted upon him mysteries until he became from those who gravitate others toward him and perform miracles.

He had comportment, a penetrative insight, pure soul, high concern in religion and fullest certainty in God so he became a beacon of light for seekers of enlightenment.

He truly worshipped God and gave Him his rightful recognition as ultimate sovereign so God raised him to the highest levels of sainthood.

al-Farghal became known as the Sultan of Saeed (Upper Egypt). It is said that reason for this alias is that he held in his hands the keys to the Saeed. It was also said that it was because when he came to Cairo and went to the Divan of the Sultan Juqmuq, the Sultan of Egypt during the Mamluk Dynasty and said, “You have become ruler of the lands so be just among the subjects.” So the Sultan answered “I listen and obey, Oh Sultan of Saeed.”

He passed in the year 850 AH.