Sayyidina Abu Al Khayr

The city of Ihnasia – Beni Suef

Muhammad ibn Abdallah bin Abd Al Wahid is known as Abu Al Khayr in connection with his 4th grandfather. He was born (May God be pleased with him) in the year 1885 AC in the city of Ihnasia in Beni Suef and was raised in a house of knowledge and piety. He entered Al Azhar in the year 1916 and was clearly the top student in his class. Some of his teachers said if the Saeed (Upper Egypt) had nobody but Abu Al Khayr, it would be enough.

From the noblest of teachers who influenced his life was the Gnostic Al Imam Mohamed Ameen Al Kurd, Shaykh of the Naqshbandi Sufi order. In this way God combined in him the illumination of knowledge and the purity of sainthood.

Destiny had it that Abu Al Khayr was put in the position of Imam. His grace was sought after, his advice was heard and his say in matters was never ignored. He persevered when people became bored and remained calm when the people became excited. He pardoned the people when they wronged and would turn to God if he was ever heedless toward the people hoping for divine guidance. He truly deserved to live dignified having people honor him during his life and God will honor him in memory even after his death. The Sheikh had all kinds of pupils from students of knowledge to government administrators, merchants and peasants.

He lived giving with the reality that a pure word is like a pure tree. He had a generous nature giving from what he had without showing any signs of hardship to his children or students. He once said:

“Wealth belongs to God, O my son. You have nothing except what you have gathered and given away in the way of God.”

He returned to his generous Lord in the year 1951 AC.