Sayyidina Ahmed al-Fashny

The town of Kunaysa – the center of Fashn – Beni Suef

Abu Ibraheem Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed and was known as Ahmed Al Fashny.

He was born (May God be pleased with him) in the year 1905 AC. God honored him with the memorization of the Generous Quran as well as a notable level in Jurisprudential knowledge. He met with the Sheikh Abd Al Raheem Abd Al Saliheen Al Qudabee whose tomb is in the town called Al Qudabee in Al Fashn. Through him he was initiated into the Sufi order of Imam Ahmed Al Badawi. Effects of divine openings and prophetic care began appearing, so he came to Cairo to live near by as a guest in the Sayida Zeinab area between 1943 and 1945.

The he turned toward Sayida Nafeesa until the year 1950 until he was allowed the great joy of moving next near the Hosein. This area near the green door of the Mosque was bustling with almsgiving, feeding the needy and the remembrance of God. It was a refuge for the needy throughout the hours of the day as they found there good company and comfort.

The Sheikh used to repeat the saying: “Maybe a loaf in the stomach of one hungry person will be cause of Gods mercy on all of mankind”. He used to also recite the verse: “and whom gives life to one soul has given life to all souls.”

The Sheikh remained in the service of the visitors and wayfaring groups of differing social castes until the end of his life. He continued to demonstrate a rare style of elegant character as well as a generous nature until he passed in the year 1963 AC.