Sayyidina Wafi ibn Saeed ibn Abd Al Samad Wafi

Manshiat Abd Al Samad – Ihnasia – Beni Suef

He is Al Sayid Wafi ibn Saeed ibn Abd Al Samad Wafi, known for his righteousness, miracles and generosity. His lineage goes back to Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhamadﷺ.

He was born (may God be pleased with him) the year 1870 AC and reached a formidable level of Islamic legal knowledge from Azhar. He was chosen by the eternal caregiver to spread the Naqshbandi Sufi order in Egypt. He met with the gnostic and jewel Al Samadani Sayidi Mohamed Ameen Al Kurdy and was initiated by him into the order. He was chosen to learn from him subtle truths.

The Prophetic inheritance was apparent upon the Sheikh Wafy as he actualized the saying of his grandfather the Chosen one:

“A man God has given money so he used it in material means for truthful purposes.”

Sheikh Wafy persevered most in reconciling among men. He was a risk taker and would pay off the blood money or other reconciliatory fees between conflicting parties unable to pay.

Yes, he was a gift from God always benefitting the servants of God with his bountifulness treating well the people of his nation and all who he meets. He actualized the words:

“God has people whom if they settle in a place God brings joy there and if they leave so does the joy.”

Sheikh Wafi was special for what he inherited from the pure Prophetic fountain and that was elegant character via his divine unveilings. God gave him penetrative insight. He was able while speaking to an assembly to aim his words at one particular individual to convey what God had shown him from divine secrets so that the message would reach the desired individual in need without embarrassing them in front of others. This was the way of the Prophetﷺ. He passed away in 1960 AC.