Al-Akaber Street

It is a wondrous street. On its outskirts and on both its sides, a passerby will find  the tombs of:

– Great scholars such as Sheikh Abdullah al-Sharqawi, Grand Imam of al-Azhar; Sheikh Mohammed al-Imbaby, Grand Imam of al-Azhar; Sheikh al-Ahmady al-Zawahry, Grand Imam of al-Azhar; Sheikh Hassuna al-Naway, Grand Imam of al-Azhar; Sheikh al-Amir al-Kabir; and Sheikh Ismai’il Sadeq al-Adawy.

– Awliya’ (pious friends of Allah) such as Sheikh Mustafa al-Bakri al-Khalwati; Sheikh al-Hifny al-Khalwati; Sheikh al-Hadad al-Khalwati; Sheikh al-Marzuqi al-Shadhili; Sheikh Mahmud Abu ‘Aliyan; Sheikh Ibrahim AL-Khalil al-Shadhili; Sheikh Mohammed Zaki Ibrahim; Sheikh Jaber al-Jazuli; Sheikh al-Mu’ammar Aly al-Waqqad; Sheikh Mohammed Amin al-Kurdi al-Naqshbandi and his son Najm ul-Deen and his two grandsons, Mohammed Abdul-Rahman and Mohammed Diya` ul-Deen; Sheikh Albaby al-Halaby al-Naqshbandi; Sheikh Aly Aly Mash’al al-Naqshbandi. The mosque of Sheikh Abdul Khaleq al-Shabrawy al-Khalwati is located in the western part of the Halaby cemetery .

The tomb of Sheikh al-Bajuri, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, lies near the mosque of Qa`it Bey and at a short distance from it is the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Wahhab al-Afifi followed by the graves of Sheikh Abullah al-Munufi and Sheikh al-Jabarti al-Kabeer, the father of  al-Jabarti the historian.

On the sides of the street there lies the tombs of master ‘Umar Makram, the head of the Nobles (Ashraaf) syndicate and Talaat Harb, the economist, and the cemetery of the martyrs of the Egyptian army.