Sayyidina Al-Khodeiry

(His tomb lies in Marasina Street in front of Abu Toulon Mosque)

He is Suleiman Abu al-Rabi’ayn al-Zubayri whose lineage goes up to Thabit Ibn Abdullah Ibn Zubayr Ibn al-Awwam (may Allah be pleased with him).

The word ‘Rabi’ayn’ refers to esoteric and exoteric knowledge. al-Khodeiry was honorable and chaste; he never mentioned anyone’s faults or shortcomings nor did he allow himself to listen to anybody mention the shortcomings of others. He would say that to do so is the result of inferiority and that it is mandatory to remain silent before such a situation.

He learnt the Qur’an, acquired religious knowledge from Jalal al-Deen al-Suyuti, and pursued the spiritual path from Sheikh al-Marhumy. His companions on the spiritual path included Abu al-Sa’ud al-Jarhy.

al-Khodeiry was greatly respected and his words carried weight with the masses and elite alike. He was an active scholar with a great following of students and aspirants. Consequently, he established a zawya in Marasina Street where he could retire to and where his students could assemble. This later became a mosque by his name.

Sheikh al-Khodeiry was extremely wealthy. He endowed farmable lands whose financial proceeds went towards establishing religious rites in his zawya. He also established dhikr (making remembrance of Allah) sessions and held prayers after the Friday Prayer that continued late into the night. Towards this end, he gave out rations.