Sayyidina Ali al-Bayoomy

Location: Next to the Sha’raya Door (Bab al-Sha’raya) in al-Husaynia

Shaykh Ali al-Bayoomy Ali al-Hejazy bin Muhammad al-Bayoomy, the Shafi’i, the Khalwati and the Ahmadi was a saint and a Majzub (one pulled towards God). He was born in the year 1108 AH and during his lifetime many peoples’ hearts inclined toward him. He wrote many books in the field of religious knowledge and Sufism, such as: “An Explanation of the Jami al-Sagheer.”

One of the special features of Bayoomy’s path was his talent to personally connect with the higher levels of society as well as, the poor, the needy, the criminals and highway robbers. For the ones who persisted in their crimes he would chain them to the mosque’s pillar as he conducted a sermon or a session of divine remembrance and often they would join his ranks after their spiritual experience. These transformed criminals protected him with their lives and weapons. Whenever he would ride his mule [they would march beside him like body guards]. Whoever participated in his sessions of divine remembrance they would become so overwhelmed with ecstasy that by the end of the session they were fatigued to the point of exhaustion. He was particularly fond of this technique in order to cut the criminals of their energy to commit crimes.

He passed away in the year 1183 AH. His funeral prayer was organized and held by the Azhar Institute and attracted many of his students and even more of those who were affected by his passion to uplift the righteous spirit of society.