Sayyidina Ali Mash’al

(His shrine lies in Sultan Ahmed Street, in front of al-Shu’hada Cemetery)

He was a manifest personification of the words of the Prophetﷺ who said, “The honest and truthful merchant will be together with the prophets, the righteous/siddiqs (those who believe without doubting), and martyrs in the Hereafter. “ He is the merchant whose characteristics correspond with those mentioned in the hadith reported by al-Baihaqi through Mu’adh Ibn Jabal in which the Prophetﷺ says, “The best earnings are those of the merchants who when they speak, they do not lie; when they are entrusted, they do not betray; when they promise, they do not rescind their promise; when they buy, they do not slander; when they sell, they do not praise their commodities; when they are indebted, they do not procrastinate (in paying their dues); when another is indebted to them, they are lenient (in demanding their money). They are those to who Allah has prepared and promised Paradise wherein they will be admitted for eternity.”

He likewise embodied the meaning of the words, ‘Be conscious of Allah and He will teach you.” Consequently, he became a ‘aref billah (immersed in the knowledge of Allah). He was also favored with the Divine gift of generosity. He reiterated the name of Allah “al-Kareem” (the Generous) in his dhikr and consequently became open-handed, spending in the manner of one who has no fear of poverty.

He was born in 1910 CE and died in 1992 CE. His last words were full of his satisfaction and certainty in Allah. He said in a voice loud enough to be heard, “I accept nothing except propinquity with Allah.”

May the mercy of Allah be upon him and upon those who ask Allah to have mercy upon him.