Sayyidina Jaber Al-Jazuli

(His shrine lies in Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Qa`it Bey)

He is Abu Salem (Jaber Hussein Ahmed al-Jazuli) al-Husseini in attribution to the Shadhili order of Sufism.

Jaber al-Jazuli was born in 1913 CE; he displayed signs of leadership and authority at a very early age. He lived in an age fraught with multiple intellectual trends, skeptics/impostors and innovators. With his simplicity of manner; sincerity; and purity of heart, he undertook the responsibility of da’wa (calling to the way of Allah) and preached Islamic mysticism, taking from al-Hadrat al-Muhammadiyya (the Muhammadiyya presence) the essence of Islamic da’wa, “The one who have no love [for God] has no faith.”

He said,

Mahabba (love of God) is the soul overflowing with eternity. It moves flowers, perfumes fruits and unites nations.”

With refined Sufi sentiments, he composed meaningful wisdom poetry which translates words into action and manners.

He died in 1992 CE.