Sayyidina Kareem Al-Deen Al-Khalwati

(His tomb lies in Port Sa’id Street in front of al-Khidawiyya School)

He is Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Ahmed Kareem al-Deen al-Khalwati. He was born in 896 AH during the reign of Sultan Qa`id Bey. He was pious, benevolent and mindful of Allah. He attended dhikr (making remembrance of Allah) gatherings during which he used to sing the words of sufis for Allah gifted him with a soft, sweet, harmonious voice.

He took the way of Sufism under the guidance of Sheikh al-Dimardash al-Muhammady and was one of his closest disciples and aspirants. Kareem al-Deen al-Khalwati was easy going and gentle, two traits that endeared him to his sheikh who revealed to him the secrets of the path. Kareem al-Deen rose to prominence and people valued and respected him.

People flocked to visit Sheikh Kareem al-Deen due to his humility towards them. He became the leader of the Khalwati path and established a zawiya which later became a mosque and a shrine housing his remains.

Sheikh Kareem al-Deen was a contemporary of Sheikh al-Sha’rani. Together they pursued the sufi path and visited shrines. When al-Sha’rani passed away, al-Khalwati was ushered to the fore front and accepted by the masses and the elite alike. He continued on his path of guidance, with his fame always on the rise. He guided many people towards the path of Allah.

Kareem al-Deen al-Khalwati died in 976 AH.