Sayyidina Muhammed Al-Hafez Al-Tijani

Mohammed al-Hafez al-Tijani is credited for spreading the al-Tijaniyya tariqa (order) in Egypt and Africa.

He established the Tijaniyya zawya in Egypt which became a refuge for seekers of knowledge who were students in al-Azhar Unversity. Their souls were enriched by it and it assisted them on their path towards righteousness and success.

al-Tijaniyya order is named after its founder al-‘Aref Billah, the pious Ahmed al-Tijany, who died in Fez, Morocco in 1230 AH.

The order is distinguished by ‘al-Halila’ which includes reiterating ‘La Ilah Illa Allah [There is no god save Allah]’. The ‘Hilala’ is repeated continuously after the late mid-afternoon prayer for an hour or more until sunset on Fridays.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Hafez died on midnight of Monday, 29 Jumada al-Thany in 1398 AH.