Sayyidina Yusuf Al-‘Agamy

(His shrine is located in Cairo-Helwan agricultural road at Dar al-Salam)

He was the first in Egypt to revive Sheikh al-Junayd’s order after it became extinct. His order was remarkable for [its manner of] devotion and the education of fellow mystics. He had numerous students and a number of zawyas. In Egypt, Yusuf al-‘Agamy told Sidi al-Hasan al-Tusturi who had migrated to Egypt before him and who was of equal rank, “O brother! The sheikhdom of the path is open for only one person. In conformity to the law of the order, either you emerge to the people and I serve you or I emerge to the people and you serve me. Sidi Hasan replied, “No, you emerge to the people and I will serve you.” Consequently, Sidi Yusuf became the leader of the order in Egypt. Allah bestowed upon him the power to perform many miracles of Divine favor.

He died on a Sunday 15 Jamada al-Awwal in 768 AH.