Sayyidina Yusuf al-‘Ajamy

Location: Helwan agricultural highway at Darusalam

Shaykh al-‘Ajamy was one of the first to revive the way of the Shaykh al-Junayd (may God be pleased with them) in Egypt after it’s disappearance. He had a wondrous way of treading the path to God, which attracted many students to his teachings. Arriving in Egypt, he encountered Sayyid Hasan al-Tusturi whom he found close to his own spiritual station and rank. Sayyid Yusuf said to him “O brother the path is only led by one so either you lead and I serve you or I lead and you serve me as is the custom. So Sayyid Hasan (may God be pleased with him) said I will lead and you become my servant. It is said that through this relationship al-‘Ajamy became known for his righteous character and was endowed with the gift of performing miracles.

He passed away (may God be pleased with him) on Sunday the 15th of Jamada al-Awal in the year 768 AH.