Sayyidina Ali Al Ruby

The Sheik the pious, the ascetic the hermit Ali Al Ruby lived in the tenth century after the Prophetic migration ﷺ. He was born during the reign of Sultan Muhammad ibn Qalawun. Al Ruby was known from his boyhood for his piety and God-consciousness. People would flock to him seeking his grace and to become his students. It was said the Kings and Amirs sought him out as well.

It was mentioned by Ibn Iyas that when the Sheikh Al Ruby came to Cairo in the year 783 AH and met the military leader Barquq, he gave him the good news that he would eventually attain worldy authority as a Sultan, and so it was. Similarly he gave the people the good news that after a months time the epidemic plaguing Cairo would be lifted and prices would also deflate to normal days, and so it was.

The city of Fayoum was built up and designed by the Prophet of God, Joseph the Truthful (peace be upon him). Fayoum at that time consisted of 360 villages. Each village would supply all of Egypt for one day and this continued so that Egypt was supplied all days of the year by Fayoum.

Faoyum produced many scholars and jurists. From them is the Sheikh Shaban Al Fayumy and the Sheikh Sulayman Al Fayumy. Also the published poets Abd Al Baar bin Abd Al Qadir and he was from the few prolific writers of Fayoum.

The Sheikh Al Ruby passed away (may God be pleased with him) in the year 793 AH.