Sayyidina Dawood Al-A’azab

Location: Tafahna al-A’zab

He is Shaykh Sayyid Dawood bin al-Sayyid Murhaf bin Ahmed bin Sulayman bin Wahb whose lineage goes back to Sayyid Muhammad bin al-Haneefa ibn Imam ‘Ali (may God be pleased with them). He (may God be pleased with him) was born in the year 606 AH in the Hejaz. Reaching adolescence he (may God be pleased with him) embarked upon a voyage that led to his initiation into Sufism his Shaykh Abu al-Sa’ood ibn Abee al-Asha’ir one of the greatest Shaykhs of Egypt in the seventh century AH. He trained him directly passing to him his divine openings and benefitting him greatly from his religious and spiritual knowledge.

Sayid Dawood’s character was considered essentially similar to the way of the Qutb and gnostic Sayyid Ahmed al-Rifa’ee (may God be pleased with him). His most prominent characteristics were his humbleness, manliness, devotion to God, perseverance during difficulty, good character and expending great amounts of energy for the service of the people.

He was named al-Aa’zab (the bachelor) because he had dedicated his life to God’s service solely. Imam al-Manawy described him as:

“Dawood al-Aa’zab is a Sufi whose ocean of knowledge and spiritual secrets is vast and deep and illumination of his state cannot be compared to anyone of his generation”

He passed away (may God be pleased with him) in the year 668 AH.