Sayyidina Ahmad Radwan

Location: al-Baghdady – al-Radwaniya – Luxor

Shaykh Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Radwan whose lineage goes back to Imam al-Hasan son of Imam ‘Ali (may God be pleased with them) was born in 1315 AH. Solitude in the Egyptian desert was something very beloved to him. He took the Sufi path called the Samanneyya from his father then later he took the spiritual path of the Khalwatyeya, whose main spiritual teachers where Shaykh Abu Qasim and Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jawad al-Doomy and Shaykh al-Ramly (may God be pleased with them).

In his early years, he was a companion of the great Gnostic and Qutb of Upper Egypt, Ahmed al-Tayeb al-Hasany. During his life and after he passed, Luxor was his place of rest. Until today, his tomb is a spiritual haven for those who seek to visit the shrine of Abu Hasan al-Shadhili. The town is known for its generous and welcoming hosts.